Golf Instruction To Cure Your Slice

The majority of golfers struggle with a golf slice. In fact, that statistic is more than 80%. So why is that? You would think that the golf ball could just as easily go left as it could go right. So why isn't the field more spread out? Why aren't there as many golfers that hook the ball as there are that slice the ball?

The following pages in this website will walk through each section of the swing and call out a number of common flaws that the majority of golfers have experienced, and how you can correct them. If you're one who slices the golf ball, this free golf instruction on this site will benefit your game.

Golf Swing Drills and Instruction to Improve Your Golf Swing
There is a common misconception with the golf swing (click on the image to the right for a deeper look in to this misconception). There is a misunderstanding about how spin is imparted on the golf ball. And golfers end up doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. But if they understood the proper golf swing and what aspects of the swing make the ball hook or slice, the percentage of slicing would greatly decrease. Follow along, I'll explain the biomechanics of the golf swing and the proper golf techniques to incorporate in your game to improve your golf swing and help you start hitting a draw.

Best Online Golf Instruction Resource Available

The answer to your slice is easy. Simply, your downswing has to come from the inside. And that is the basis of the whole thing. The following pages on this site will break things down further and take a look at each step in depth to help in your understanding.

"The average golfer's problem is not so much the lack of ability as it is the lack of knowledge about what he should be doing."   - Ben Hogan
Did you just read that Ben Hogan quote? We can't expect to get any better in our golf games if we don't know what we're doing wrong. So once we've recognized that we want to get better, we need to do something about it. But what do we do if we don't know how to fix it?

One of the worst things in life is uncertainty. Uncertainty in golf is costly, not only to your golf score, but to your pocketbook as well. As Ben Hogan said, we all have the ability, but the inability to recognize what you should be doing, will continually lead you down the path of repetitious failure. Sure, we can learn to "work around" our shortcomings, but why mask the issue, when you could enjoy the game so much more by treating the actual problem? Do you know what you should be doing? If not, now you can.

Usually golfers struggle with only one or two major flaws in their swing, and if corrected, they become much more consistent and by consistent, we mean consistently straighter shots. The main problem is determining the difference between an “outside-in” and an “inside-out” swing. As soon as you start hitting the ball from an “inside-out” approach, your shots will be much straighter guaranteed. This won’t happen overnight, and it will take some practice on your part. Getting that old feeling out of your mind and retraining your muscles the correct way will take a little effort, but you will see results immediately. So let’s cure your slice.

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