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What is Cure A Slice?

I enjoy the game of golf as much as the next guy, and have been playing the game since 1992. Through my years of playing and getting paired up in four-somes with golfers whose skill levels range all across the board, I’ve learned some things. I’ve witnessed golf slices originating from all sorts of different swing flaws, including my own.

From my own game, and from my own quest to achieve “golf greatness”, I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the golf swing. My golf swing was taught to me originally by myself, which is probably true for most of us. Golf is a game that is most often learned through trial and error, and error, and more errors. This game doesn’t come easy to most of us, and it takes time and practice. Golf is counter intuitive at best. Many of the concepts that make up the golf swing are hard to grasp because a lot of them seem like they should work just the opposite.

Many golfers learn the game of golf on their own later in life, or at least after they’ve gone through high school where coaching and golf lessons come free of charge from the golf coach. Because many people miss out on these free golf lessons in high school, they’re left to figure the game out on their own through friends or work colleagues, and will rarely seek out professional lessons for any number of reasons…until they reach a frustration level where they just don’t have any other option.

If left to our own devices for an extended period of time without any correction or golf instruction, we tend to develop our swings how we think makes sense. Often times this is how bad habits are formed. If we don’t know the proper way to setup with our stance, grip or swing the club, we guess at it and here we are today. And especially if we don’t know how to reverse the situation we find ourselves in, the game becomes frustrating and difficult to get excited about.

I was to this point as a sophomore in high school while on the varsity golf team. I was hitting big banana slices. They would start out right down the middle of the fairway, and about 50 yards out, the ball would take an immediate turn right and end up 40 yards right of the target. I didn’t have a lack of club head speed; that was for sure. My cure for this slice was to swing harder, but I was nervous on every swing that it was going to go right. Because of this, I’d quit the swing half way through and never finish the follow through. I would never get my weight shifted to the left side, and I was scared of what might happen. When you’re tentative like this, and when you don’t commit to the golf swing, bad things will happen.

I wasn’t sure how to fix my slice, and if it wasn’t for my golf coach that knew the fundamentals of the golf swing, I would’ve dug myself further into the hole. He was able to explain the problem I was having early on in my golfing life to steer me toward the correct cure for the slice. As I said, I never got my weight shifted to the left side, swung the club flat footed, and never fully committed to the swing.

A few fairly simple golf drills were able to help me get the feel of what the swing should feel like. And once I was able to see the ball go straight, and even left sometimes, it built confidence. What was more was that for the first time, I knew why the ball wasn’t slicing anymore. When you can make the connection and see the cause and effect relationship between something physical that you can feel in your swing and the effect that that has on the ball, it cemented the concept in my mind.
That’s why you’re reading this. You want to make that connection and figure out what in your golf swing is causing the ball to slice. And I want to share with you what I was fortunate to learn early on in my playing days. I’ve been able to enjoy the game so much more once I understood the physics of the golf swing.

I decided to build a website about the golf swing to help you understand your golf swing better, and help you enjoy the game more. I’ve been a slicer of the golf ball, and I’ve seen the other side now too. Now I’m no professional, but it’s pretty safe to say you’re not looking for a transformation in your golf game that’s going to take you from a 20 handicap to a 2. We’d all agree, that would be nice, but my goal with this site is to give you at least one nugget of information that you can build upon.

There’s a whole lot that goes into the game of golf that affects your end score after 18 holes. Hitting the ball consistently without a big slice is a step in the right direction, but it’s not going to fix your putting or chipping or sand saves, etc. But what fixing your slice will do for your mental game is enormous. Golf is a head game, and it takes confidence to play this game. When you swing the club out of fear for where the ball is going to go, nothing good results from that. I hope this site is able to help instill some confidence in your game.

At my peak when I was playing consistently (before I had to get a job and before life really happened…you know what I mean), I was a 3 to 4 handicap when I was playing golf in college for a couple years and receiving daily swing advice from my coach. I’d throw in the occasional couple under par round every now and then, and was really hitting the ball consistently. I’m longer than average off the tee, and hit the ball consistently 285-300 on municipal courses. Today, when I’m off, I hook the ball. My bad shots are usually left of target, but will still slip in the occasional block to the right.

One thing I have rid my game of is that banana slice. I will still hit a fade or push, but those ugly slices are gone. And I’ve fixed that through practice and a few key swing thoughts that I make mention of throughout the site. I encourage you to read on and see what you can gain from my experience and my take on the golf swing. It’s worked for me. It won’t get me on tour, but it’s pretty safe to say, your goals are much less than that. Curing your slice is probably top on the list, and that I have successfully accomplished and know a thing or two about.  

Site Build It

What I also know a thing or two about is websites and Internet marketing, and combining my knowledge for both golf and Internet marketing is where this site comes from. I built this site out of a passion for the game of golf. I have invested many hours and thousands of dollars into this game, and it has become my most time consuming, but yet rewarding hobby. I know that I have some valuable information for other golfers who are struggling with their swings, and so I built this website to share.

I graduated college with a marketing degree and have worked in the past in Internet marketing capacities at previous jobs. So I wanted to take my love for the game of golf, and my knowledge of websites and Internet marketing to create an informational website as the foundation of an online business. This idea had been lingering in my mind for some time, but was really sparked finally by SiteBuildIt, an all-in-one online business solution for people that have a wealth of knowledge, but no physical products to sell.

Yes, you can build a website based on a hobby that you enjoy and a passion that you have for something that others would be interested in. SiteBuildIt allows the non-technical minded to build a website with the tools they offer, market that site and drive traffic to it, and ultimately monetize from the site. Take my site for example, or any number of these sample sites built with SiteBuildIt.

I am building this website on experiences that I’ve had in the game of golf, and I believe that the information I share is helpful for those searching for a golf slice cure. Through the information that I write about and post on the site, I am building traffic to the site. This content-rich site is geared toward driving organic search engine traffic to the site to provide information about the golf swing. And through that traffic, I monetize through Google Adsense ads, and affiliate golf products.

I don’t have anything to sell of my own, but I don’t need to have when others have already created great products like PurePoint Golf. They offer a wide array of excellent golf instruction videos taught by teaching pro, Bobby Eldridge. So all I do is create a website full of good relevant content to help draw visitors to my website, and then speak from the heart about this game of golf that I love, and then offer relevant videos, books and golf swing trainers that folks like you looking for a golf slice cure, or other golf swing advice can really benefit from.

What SiteBuildIt does is provide anyone, and I mean anyone, the ability to create an online business from their home that will start out as a hobby, but will grow into a residual income making machine.  
There it is, that’s my business plan. It’s amazing how quickly you can start seeing small results, which builds confidence, much like the golf swing. This site doesn’t earn me my mortgage payment each month…..yet. But I see encouraging results that start small, and little by little have been building. This is the message of SiteBuildIt…build a firm foundation and continually add to your website with content. That’s it, pick out a hobby you’re interested in, and start a website about it. Other people in the world are searching for it, I guarantee it.

So that’s it. It’s all out on the table. I’ve been a slicer, I’ve learned the fixes, I want to share them with others, but while I do, I want to make it worth my time to do so. A hobby, a passion and some information focused on a niche market teamed with SiteBuildIt will be the start of your home based business. If you’ve been thinking of how you can legitimately work from home, this is your opportunity. This is not a get rich quick plan, but a steady approach and continually adding content to your site, will pay off down the road.

I hope you find this site helpful, I wish your golf games the best and I invite you to give SiteBuildIt a look to see how they can provide you a means to build a home based residual income that will allow you to spend more time on your golf games. I know that’s my goal.

When it’s breezy, swing easy. Johnse  

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