Custom Built Golf Clubs

Building Your Own Golf Clubs

If you’re a half bit serious about your golf game, you need to look into club building. This hobby or craft is much easier than it sounds, and on top of that, your golf game becomes more rewarding knowing that you were the master craftsman behind your tools.
Possibilities are endless with a components catalog, an instruction guide, and a free weekend. The joy I get out of making my own clubs doesn’t end when the clubs are built. Instead, every time I reach into my bag for a club that I made, it’s a special feeling that I can’t quite explain. I have more pride in my golf game playing with clubs that I put together. Each great shot is extra special and I get more satisfaction out of the good shots than I ever had before with pre-manufactured, over the counter clubs. There are really only four components that make up a golf club.
  • Club head
  • Shaft
  • Grip
  • Ferrule
Heck, the ferrule plays no functional role in the club other than for aesthetic purposes, so one could argue there are only three main components to any golf club. The club heads are purchased based on your choice in style and forgive-ability. Whether you choose oversized irons or blade style…the choices are almost endless. You have the ability to choose the type of shafts that will best suit your swing, and cut them to specific length to match your height and arm length in order to optimize your clubs for your unique body type. And lastly the grip is a personal preference, but most grips will work just fine. We’ll discuss the different types and their advantages on a different page on this site.

There are a number of component manufacturers that sell individual components and club making supplies to allow us a great variety of styles of components to choose from and build the perfect set of clubs for our own golf swing. Not only is building a set of clubs completely customizable, but it’s extremely inexpensive in relation to buying a set of clubs from a retail store. And as mentioned before, your satisfaction level in your own golf game will be heightened immensely knowing you built the clubs yourself.

You won’t be able to go out and buy individual Nike, Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made or any other name brand component club heads, but you can find the same technology for less than half the price in the way of clone or knock-off club heads. The term knock-off tends to imply that they’re “cheap” clubs. Not so much inexpensive, but more so poorly crafted, and this is simply a perception.
The reason the name brand clubs cost so much is because of marketing, overhead and middle men that drive the cost up. Buying your own clone components that feature the same material and technology as the name brand clubs, and doing so at a much reduced price is gaining more and more popularity. Custom building golf clubs is becoming more popular as word gets out of how simple it can be.

If you have a bench vice, hacksaw, copper pipe cutter and a tape measure, you’re more than half way there to having the basic tools necessary to build your own clubs. There are a number of special tools you can buy, but for the most of us, they aren’t necessary for the number of clubs we’ll be building….at least to start with. If you’re going to make this a side business, then there are some other tools that will help increase efficiency and capabilities.

For a small investment, a Golf Club Building Instruction Book will have you making custom made golf clubs for yourself, and custom fit to your golf swing better than you can find off the shelf at any retail store. Not only is this a cheaper and more affordable way to purchase golf club equipment, but you’ll be sure that your clubs fit you how they’re supposed to.

Online stores that sell golf components, also sell the essential golf club manufacturing equipment necessary to complete the finished product. The essentials are:
  • Epoxy for bonding the club head to the shaft.  
  • Sandpaper, or other abrasive fabric to prepare the shaft tip to accept the epoxy and bond well to the inside of the club’s hozel.  
  • Grip Tape to adhere the grip to the shaft.  
  • Grip Solvent reacts with the grip tape to create the proper adhesion of the grip to the shaft.   
  • Ferrules to make the transition from the shaft to the club head look nice, clean and professional.
That’s it. Epoxy, sandpaper, grip tape, solvent and ferrules. These along with the individual golf club components you chose to build your club, and a couple tools most of you have around the house already. Anything that you don’t can be purchased for a marginal cost and overall much cheaper than you can buy a set of clubs at retail cost.

If you decide that you’re not ready to build your own clubs yet or if it’s a hobby you never intend to look into, that’s okay. Having custom golf clubs built for you with component parts is still a much cheaper, and golf game improving alternative to buying brand name clubs that aren’t custom fit for your golf swing. If you’re interested to see what custom fit golf clubs are all about, and what they can do for your game, I invite you to give them a try.

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