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Golf Games to Play on the Golf Course

There are a number of different golf games that you can practice and play to help pass the time while waiting for the group ahead of you, or to pass the time in your backyard, or to help make practicing your golf game more enjoyable. I like to play games within the game of golf.

Wedge Bounce Golf Games

We’ve all seen the Tiger Woods commercial when he is bouncing the golf ball on the face of his wedge and controlling it so effortlessly while he goes behind the back and between his legs, ultimately finishing by popping it up in the air and then hitting the golf ball out of mid-air. This is a golf game you can play with yourself to help improve hand eye coordination, and to show off to your friends. Or you could use this wedge bounce game to decide who hits first on the first tee, or any number of things really. Use your imagination.

Tee Box Golf Games

Next time you’re on the tee box and you’re waiting for the group in front of you, you and your playing partner can try this golf game. Starting at one side of the tee box, take turns hitting your ball to hit the other tee box marker on the other side, similar to that of croquet. Determine how many times you will go back and forth from tee box marker before you start to set the ground rules. The goal of this golf game is to be the first one to successfully hit the tee box markers the set number of times. After you hit your golf ball, the next person goes, and you continue to take turns. If you hit the tee box marker, then you get to go again, just like if you go through the wickets in croquet.

After you have successfully hit the tee box markers the determined number of times, then you aim at your opponent’s golf ball and try to hit their ball before they complete the course. If you hit their golf ball before they have completed hitting the tee box markers, then you are declared the winner. If you’re one who gets frustrated with slow play in front of your, try this golf game next time you’re waiting on the tee. Before you know it, you’ll have passed some time, and the fairway will be free in front of you, and you will have calmed yourself down, which will help you play better and score better because you will be more relaxed.

Lag Putting Golf Game

This is a golf game that I like to do to help with my lag putting on the practice green. I like to take three golf balls, and play 9 holes that I make up on the practice green. Each hole has to be at least a 30 foot putt. The goal of this golf game is to average better than a two putt with each of the three balls on all nine holes. So that after 9 holes, you will have holed out with 27 balls ideally scoring better than 54 strokes. This creates a golf game within the confines of practicing your lag putting, as well as with the knee knocking three footers.

I’ve found that this golf game helps pass the time on the putting green, and makes it more fun to work on your short game.

Chipping Golf Game

Just like the lag putting golf game mentioned above, I like to do the same thing with chipping. The goal of this golf game is to work on getting up and down from different areas around the practice game. Chip three balls at a time toward a cup from a determined location, and then get your putter out with the goal of making each of the putts to get up and down with each of the three balls. Again, this will help improve your chipping, and with the 3 to 10 foot putts. This will put a little bit more pressure on yourself than if you were just chipping one ball after another. This golf game will help you practice with a purpose.

Bunker Golf Games

Just like the previous two games that help with getting up and down, you can play a similar golf game out of the bunker to help with your sand shots. Bunker shots are by far the least practiced golf shot by the novice golfer. It’s no wonder most golfers dread bunkers, they aren’t practiced. So why don’t you try this golf game to make them more fun and to improve your bunker play.

The whole idea with this golf game is to get up and down…out of a bunker, this is referred to as a sand save. Maybe you’re at the stage of your golf game that you’re just happy if you get out of the sand in one shot. So you can kill two birds with one stone on this golf game.

Here’s a bonus bunker golf game for you. There really is no practical take away from this golf game, but it is pretty fun. Take two golf balls and put them in a bunker, one right in front of the other and have them touching each other. If they are on an up slope in the bunker it will work better. Now play your normal bunker shot by hitting the ball that is first in line. When you do this, the first ball will pop out of the bunker like normal, but the second ball in line that is closer to the hole, will pop way up in the air with a huge amount of backspin on it. When it hits the green, it will spin backwards 20 feet or more. It is really pretty cool.

This is a fun golf game to play simply for the fact of making your golf ball spin like crazy on the green. Try this golf game next time you are out on the course and you don’t have anyone behind you. Enjoy.

7 Iron Golf Game

If you’re read the golf introduction page on this site, you’ll know that I am a fan of the movie Tin Cup. In the movie Kevin Costner breaks all of the clubs in his golf bag except his 7 iron to prove a point to his caddy. Well, this is one of the more fun golf games I’ve played. Now I didn’t break all of my clubs, but instead, I left them all in the car, and carried only my 7 iron on the course. I played 9 holes this way to try and play different shots with my 7 iron and become more versatile. You could play this golf game with any club in your bag, but what it does is force you to hit shots in situations where you normally wouldn’t. This will make you a better golfer overall because you’ll never know when you’ll need to pull out that crazy shot. Do note though…try to do this in the evening when the golf course isn’t that busy.

These are just a few golf games that I’ve played over the years to pass the time, improve my game, and to help my practice time be more enjoyable. I hope you find these golf games to be just as fun as I have.
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