Golf Birdie

Golf Scoring Terminology – What is a Golf Birdie?

Additional Golf Scoring Terminology:

To get a birdie in golf it means you’ve just got the golf ball in the hole in one stroke less than par. Since lower scores are the goal in golf, achieving a golf birdie is excellent. The term comes from the English usage of “bird”. The word bird was often used to communicate something good. For example, you might have heard, “that was a bird of a shot” if you hit a good golf shot. So naturally, giving the term golf birdie to the achievement of one under par on a specific golf hole made sense. This is where the term golf birdie originated.

The most common way to make a golf birdie on a par 3 is to hit a good tee shot onto the green, and then make just one putt to get the ball in the hole. On a par 4 it would be a decent drive off the tee, a nice approach shot onto the green, and then again only needing one putt to get the golf ball in the hole. On a par 5 to make a golf birdie, you’ll have to hit a drive, a second shot, your approach shot, and then making one putt to get the ball in the hole in four shots.

Par 5s are the easiest holes on the golf course to make a birdie for the longer hitters of the golf ball. Many golfers that can drive the ball over 260 yards can reach many of the par 5s on municipal golf courses in two shots. Even if they don’t land the ball on the green, often times they get the ball close to the green on their second shot, and are able to chip the ball up close to the hole in three strokes, and then make a reasonably easy putt to score the golf birdie.

For the less experienced golfers, par 3s are probably the easiest holes to make a birdie. My reasoning for this is that it’s more difficult for beginner golfers to string a series of good golf shots in a row. Since you only need to make one good golf shot on a par 3 to land the ball on the green, most beginners have the majority of their birdie putt opportunities on par 3s. Essentially, there’s less chances for them to hit the ball astray because the hole isn’t as long.

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