Single Golf Clubs

Purchase Single Golf Clubs to Fill Out Your Golf Set

The golf set is dead. The typical golf set consisting of 3 iron through pitching wedge is becoming less and less common. Technology is getting so much better, and with the onset of hybrid golf clubs and golf utility clubs, many golfers are opting for buying single golf clubs. Single golf clubs allow golfers to mix and match specific clubs to best fit their golf games.

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Many retailers now are selling single golf clubs as opposed to the complete set. You can still buy the complete set of course, but in the past, it was difficult to buy one single golf club without buying the entire set. Online retailers are making it easier to customize the specific 14 clubs that you carry in your bag. Let’s face it, hitting a long iron is quite different than hitting a shorter iron. We all have different tendencies that are unique to our golf swings. And with the technology out there today, many of us can benefit from buying single golf clubs to fill out our golf sets.

Let’s say you struggle with getting your longer irons in the air consistently, but at the same time, you don’t have the same struggle with your shorter irons. In fact, you may hit your shorter irons quite well and are happy with them. But maybe your 3,4 and 5 irons are causing you trouble. So here’s where purchasing single golf clubs will help improve your game. In order to get the ball in the air quicker on longer shots, you would benefit from a golf club that had more mass situated lower on the clubhead to help get the ball in the air quicker. Many people are switching out their longer irons and replacing them with single golf clubs that will best suit their game. Often times, golfers are making the switch to hybrid clubs that have a larger, more massive clubhead to help get the ball in the air, but also to obtain more distance on the ball.

Other people have found benefit in the “game improvement” irons, and have switched out some trouble clubs in their bag and replaced just a couple single golf clubs in their bag instead of the entire set. The game improvement irons typically are clubhead designs with a lower center of gravity to help get the ball in the air better. They are also perimeter weighted so that on off-center hits on the club face, the ball goes straighter because the weight of the clubhead is proportioned more behind both the heel and the toe to create a more solid foundation for striking the golf ball.

Lost Golf Clubs

Have you ever lost a golf club before? Now what do you do? You’re stuck with a complete set, except that it’s missing that single golf club right in the middle somewhere. It’s been difficult in the past to find those single golf clubs to replace the one you lost, especially the exact same brand and model. If you’re like many people, you’ll play for years without that single golf club and just try to hit the closest club softer or harder depending on the circumstance. That’s not good for your game and your score…especially now that so many online golf retailers are selling single golf clubs a la carte. Find your replacement single golf clubs today.

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For other single golf club purchases, click the links below and read user reviews on all of your purchases before pulling the trigger on the purchase of your single golf clubs.

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Customized Golf Clubs

The easiest way to buy single golf clubs is to make your own, or order them to be custom built for you specifically for your golf swing. Because technology is so advanced in the world of golf club manufacturing, many non-brand name club manufacturers are building clubs to the same standards as the name brands like Callaway, Nike, Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, etc. The technology is not a secret. No manufacturer is reinventing the wheel.

So for most of us and our budgets, not only can we get single golf clubs individually much easier, we can get them cheaper by custom building golf clubs, or having them custom built for you for a cost far below what you would pay for the name brand clubs. When you buy name brand single golf clubs, a good portion of your transaction goes toward paying the marketing costs of the big conglomerates.

When you buy single golf clubs made from component parts, it’s much easier to get exactly what you want. When you’re deciding to buy an entire iron set, it’s difficult to spend that much money without first knowing whether you’ll like the clubs, and how they feel. One of the best ways to get around that is to buy the components for just one single golf club, have that club built either by yourself or by one of many clubmaking companies online, or in your hometown. That way you can take that single golf club, and play with it to see how it feels, before determining if you want the entire set of irons. It costs you a fraction of the time and effort…and best of all money.
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