Closed Stance Drill

Close Your Stance to Draw the Golf Ball

A simple, but temporary way to fix a slice is by closing your stance.

Please note, that this drill will only temporarily help your slice, it will not correct it, but rather mask the underlining issues that cause you to slice the golf ball. But through this drill, hopefully it will teach a lesson that seems to be counter intuitive to many golfers. Most golfers will begin to aim further and further left with their stance to help hit the ball to the left. What happens next is the exact opposite of what most golfers think SHOULD happen.

And more and more, in the minds of most slicers of the golf ball, they’ll think, “I must not have aimed far enough left.” So they aim further left, and it further complicates the issue and gets them further from correcting their golf slice.

In reality, the cure for a slice is to close your stance, NOT open it. And this concept is lost on most golfers that slice the ball. It won’t make sense at first, and that’s because the golf swing is in many ways counter intuitive. The ball does exactly the opposite of what you think it will, and if you’re one of those golfers, hopefully you gain some new insight from my site. If anything on this site has opened your eyes to something new, let me know about it. I’d appreciate knowing the information has helped.

So try this out next time on the range. Pick out a target you want to aim at down the middle of the fairway or the range. Keep your club face square to that point, and square your stance as if you were aiming at that point. Once you’re square to the target, take your back leg (right if you’re right handed), and move it about six inches backwards (don’t widen your stance, just move the foot as if you were taking a small step back away from the ball). But only move your right foot back….keep your left foot where it was from the start.

Now just take your normal golf swing while still aiming at your original target. This will immediately reduce your slice given you make your normal swing at the ball keeping all other things equal. This same concept is played out when golfers are playing in wet conditions and their back foot slips on them during their swing. Almost without fail, if you’re playing when the course is wet, or if you aren’t wearing golf shoes and your back foot slips, you lose your foundation before your weight is properly transferred to your left side. And what happens is your arms are now more in control of your swing instead of your legs. This results in forcing you to have more of an inside-out swing. Likewise, by moving your back foot away from the ball a little bit, you’re mimicking the action of having your right foot slip during your swing, but you’re choosing to start your swing that way.
Give it a shot, and see what happens for you. Remember, the only way for your ball to slice, is if you have your club face open at impact, if you cut across the ball in an outside to inside swing path, or have poor weight transfer during the swing and never shift it to the left side. These are basically the three causes to slicing the ball, and they’re all related in a way. And this drill will help you visualize how they’re related, and it will help you visualize your golf ball drawing down the fairway…a welcomed sight I’m sure.

Golf is so much a mental game, that any positive results will breed confidence, and confidence on a golf course is so exciting. As golfers, we understand the feeling of a great shot. As a notorious slicer, nothing looks better than seeing your ball hook for a change. Different scenery is always fresh and new and gives a new perspective.  

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