Dominant Hand Drill

One Hand Controls the Golf Swing

A drill my high school golf coach taught me was to take a normal swing, but right after impact, I was to let go with my right hand (I’m right handed, and everything in this website is geared toward right handed golfer…my apologies to the left handers out there), and complete the follow through with only my left hand on the club.

This is a little weird at first, so try it without hitting a ball at first to get the feel for it. But after you feel comfortable enough with the swing, start hitting balls this way while letting go with your right hand immediately after impact.

What this will do is force you to control the golf shot with your left (dominant) hand. Your left hand has to lead the golf swing. If you can follow a dance metaphor, the man leads in a dance step, and the woman just follows the lead of the man. In a golf swing your left hand (if you’re right handed) leads the dance if you will. The right hand is just along for the ride and is to follow the left hand during the golf swing. In fact, not much pressure should be exerted onto the club in your golf grip from the right hand. The grip is controlled mostly by the left hand.

So really, by taking the right hand off the club after impact, you shouldn’t be losing much control over the club if your grip has been formed properly. If this drill is nearly impossible for you to complete, it’s a pretty good sign that your golf grip needs some attention.
This drill is more about mentally preparing to let go of any control that the right hand has had in your swing, and give it over to the left hand. Often times slicers of the golf ball will control too much of the grip or swing with the right hand. When too much control is given to the right hand, people tend to push the club through the hitting zone rather than pulling with the left hand. Pushing tends to steer the ball to the right, or fade or slice. You’ve heard golf announcers say, “oh he pushed that one”. And that comment is always used in conjunction with the ball being blocked out to the right and/or sliced.

A simple golf tip to check whether or not you’re controlling too much of the swing with your right hand is to lose the right hand on the follow-through as discussed above. When you let go with the right hand, the left hand and arm have a natural tendency to pull the club through and around the body, and naturally you’ll close the club face down that will help foster a draw in your golf swing.  
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