Flatter Swing Drill

“Haney Project” Teaches a Flatter Golf Swing

If you get a chance to watch the Haney Project on the Golf Channel where Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ former swing coach, is trying to fix Charles Barkley’s golf swing, I highly recommend it. Charles suffers from more than just a slice, but Hank’s drills he’s giving Charles can benefit you as well.

There’s a theme created, where Hank just yells out “flatter, flatter, flatter”. Charles is too upright in his swing. The club is almost completely perpendicular to the ground at the top of his swing. He’s on a terrible swing plane and can’t possibly get the club back square to the target at impact. He’s got a whole lot else going on as well, but we won’t get into all of that.

If you suffer from a swing that is too upright, or if you follow through that is too steep and finish too high, you need to work on making your swing “flatter”. Having a high finish gives your shots a tendency to leak right and fade because it’s much easier to keep your club face open through impact. An open club face at impact followed by a high finish on the follow-through is recipe for disaster and a huge slice will follow.
A drill to help with this is to practice like you’re swinging a baseball bat. In baseball, we’re taught to swing the bat level and not try to lift the ball with an upper cut type swing. When you follow through on a baseball swing, your follow through carries the bat around your left shoulder and the bat will touch your back. It’s a very flat swing, and that is the extreme opposite of what you’re used to, and so it will feel weird, but you’re here to change the results of your golf swing after all…it’s going to feel weird. We can’t keep doing the same things over and over and hoping for different results…that’s insane.

Take this idea with the golf swing. Again, like I like to do, over-exaggerate a drill to over-correct a problem you’re having with the golf swing. So on your follow through of your golf swing, concentrate on bringing the club around your body almost like a baseball swing follow through. This will help get your follow-through flatter and keep you from finishing so high, and this drill will help ingrain in your mind and muscles what it feels like to finish flatter. Naturally by finishing the golf swing flatter, you will be forced to roll your right wrist over your left and close the club face because it’s simply impossible not to, you’d break your arm otherwise. A closed club face at impact and on into the follow-through will get you well on your way to ridding yourself of that ugly slice, and hitting a nice pretty draw.  
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