Hip Rotation Drill

Narrow Your Golf Stance For Better Body Rotation

If you’re looking for a golf drill to help you avoid a slice and start drawing the golf ball, you might try this one…

Stand on the practice range and put both of your feet right next to each other so they’re touching each other. You won’t be able to swing the club very hard like this because you’ll easily lose your balance, but what it will do is allow you to rotate your lower body quickly and rotate your hips around quickly because your foundation is much narrower. Your body will be able to rotate quicker and your arms will be able to swing around your body much easier.

So take a few practice swings with this stance, and swing like you would normally. Focus on rotating your hips toward the target and letting your upper body try to catch up to them as you drop your arms and release your wrists into the ball.

Because your foundation is narrow, it’ll be easy to rotate your body around, and it will help you to draw the ball because it will almost insure that your hips will beat your arms around to the target.

Try this narrow stance golf drill while you’re out on the range for a few shots and see how it works for you. My bet is that it will help you draw the ball better.

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