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Correct Golf Grip Tips for a Proper Golf Grip

The proper golf grip is where the golf swing starts. It’s the only contact you have between you and the club. So it is important to understand this part. Whether you overlap or interlock your right pinky finger and left forefinger, that’s up to you. It’s a matter of preference and feel. Personally, I’ve experimented with both, and there is virtually no difference in my book as far as the results of my shots. But I do prefer the overlap feel to the interlock, so that is what I use. The graphic below that shows Tiger Woods’ golf grip, it’s clear that he uses an interlocking grip. For some of you, that just might be all the evidence you need that proves that the interlocking grip is the way to go, it’s certainly worked for Tiger, there’s no argument about that. It’s all a matter of preference though and what feels comfortable to you.

You’ll want to have a firm grip with your left hand (for right-handers, again this will all be opposite for left handed players). But your right hand is just there for support and along for the ride really. The golf swing is controlled primarily with the left hand, but like Roy said, you want your hands
Proper golf grip is a critical foundation of a proper golf swingto unite to form a unit. Remember, the tighter you hold on to the club, the less power you will have in your golf swing. The firmer you hold it, the less club head speed you’ll be able to generate. This is true for your entire swing. The tenser you make your muscles, the slower your swing speed will be, resulting in much less distance on your shots. Free and loose muscles are able to be moved much quicker, and that is the goal. So relax your hands and be firm, but not overpowering.

There is one book that I’ve read that addresses the stance and the grip better than anything I’ve seen. Ben Hogan’s 5 Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf is worth the few bucks for the golf grip chapter alone. It has stood the test of time, and the proper golf grip will never change. Go out and buy it, better yet, just BUY IT HERE.

In golf there are certain things you must do precisely, where being approximately right is not enough. The grip is one area that
Ben Hoganbeing half right accomplishes nothing. Being painstaking about learning a proper grip rewards you a thousand times over.
-Ben Hogan
The golf club should be held more in the fingers than in the palm of your left hand. If you slice the ball, you will want to really focus on this because by gripping the golf club more in the joints of your fingers where your fingers meet your palm, it allows you to have a stronger grip on the club.
For you baseball fans, you can draw this analogy. A pitcher in baseball throws a fastball by holding the ball in his fingers, while he will throw a changeup by holding the ball further back in the palm of his hand. The proper golf grip is similar. If you want more control of the club, and a faster club release, you should make your grip by holding the club more in your fingers than in your palm.

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For anyone that slices the golf ball, you need to have a “stronger” left hand on the club. What this means is that you need to be able to see three knuckles of your left hand when you’re set up to the ball. Instead of having your left hand underneath the grip, it needs to be more on the top of the grip, in a more dominant position. This grip position will allow you to roll your wrists more naturally through impact and get the club face more to the closed position. As mentioned above, your left hand is placed on the club first, and is the dominant hand in the swing. To place the right hand on the club, you’ll want to be sure you have the grip in the fingers of your hand. You can see in this short clip how to place your hands together to form the proper golf grip. Among many other things, the video below is a preview of the many things that will help you fix your golf slice.

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The correct golf grip is not always the same for every person. It depends on your tendencies as to what
Practicing the proper golf swing will cure a slicethe proper golf grip is for your individual situation. For those that slice the ball, you will want to have a stronger grip. All of the basic principles are the same as far as grip position in the fingers and how the hands unite or mold together, but the simple rotation of your left wrist during setup to create a strong, neutral or weak grip, will determine the perfect golf grip for you. Not all golf swings are created equal, that’s evidenced every day on the driving range. Ideally we’d all have perfect posture, setup and stance, but since we don’t, there are things that we can adjust in the grip to fit our swings. As you learn more about the swing and the corrections to make to cure your slice that are actually swing related, you can change your grip to be more neutral. But to fix your golf slice, you’ll want to develop a stronger left hand. This will go a long way in curing your golf slice.  
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