Golf Instruction Videos

Videos to Teach You Every Shot in Golf

Listed below you’ll find golf instruction videos that cover every aspect of the golf swing from putting, chipping, short game, pitching, iron play, driving, etc. Even learn how to get yourself out of trouble and scramble to help lower your golf score. The key to improving your golf game is to understand the biomechanics and the physics of the golf swing, and make sense of why the golf ball does what it does when it comes off of your club.

The information you’ll find on this site is a great place to start, but if you need something visual to help you process the swing concepts, Bobby Eldridge will provide you with some excellent instruction and in-home golf lessons that you can take over and over again for the same price. So if you nee some pictures to go along with the words, these videos will be an excellent resource for you.

The first step is recognizing the problem, the next step is to do something about it. If you don’t know exactly why your ball goes the way it does, this collection of golf instructional videos will open your eyes to a whole new golf game. Understanding the ins and outs of the golf swing is liberating because you can finally do something about your swing to make it better. Target the golf video lessons below that most need work in your game.

Tailor Made Golf Instruction Videos specifically for the part of YOUR game that most needs refining.

Full Swing Video 
Have the fundamentals of the entire golf swing taught to you in your own home. Watch as many times as it takes to understand the golf swing secrets to improve your golf swing. Take an in-depth look at all facets of the golf swing to improve your golf and learn the golf swing.

How To Hit A Draw Video
Add distance and consistency to your long game by learning what some have called the most powerful shot in golf – the Draw. We’ve all played rounds with a golfer who knows how to draw and fade the ball. They play dog legs with consistency. They hit the ball further than us. And they play both sides of the fairway. Be one of those people by learning how to hit a draw with this simple to follow, easy to remember instructional DVD.

Maximum Distance Video
The Maximum Distance DVD is the perfect DVD for anyone not named Tiger Woods, John Daly or Bubba Watson. This DVD will show you some simple methods to increasing the distance you hit virtually every club in your bag – your driver, your fairway woods, your hybrids, your long irons – ALL will show significant distance increases if you follow these simple steps. Longer drivers and longer second shots on a par 5 mean shorter approach shots. And EVERYONE wants shorter approach shots.

Driving the Golf Ball Video
Everyone wants to hit the ball further off the tee. We dream about it. 300 yards. It’s a fantasy for most of us. Make it a reality by following the simple golf swing steps on this instructional DVD from PurePoint Golf. Bobby Eldridge, head golf pro for PurePoint Golf, walks you through these simple steps to learn how to hit the ball off the tee with more consistency, accuracy and distance.

Approach Shots & Iron Play Video
The Perfect Impact DVD is designed to help you make solid, consistent impact with your irons. It will have you hitting the ball cleanly onto the green on your approach shots instead of fighting to get back to the green.

Pitching – Pitch Shots Video
The Pitching golf instruction video will show you simple techniques for getting the ball onto the green and getting it to stay put consistently. Everyone’s seen pros drop the ball onto the green from 20 yards out with backspin so it sits up on the green right near the hole without rolling away or past it. So how do you do it? Watch this instructional DVD and find out!

Short Game Video
The Short Game DVD will show you in simple terms how to strike the golf ball consistently inside 100 yards. Most weekend golfers have their most trouble around the pin. Take away the fear and apprehension by building confidence and knowledge with our simple short game golf swing method.

Putting Video
The putting green on the golf course is undoubtedly the single best place to start in your quest to lower your scores. Sure, driving the ball is sexy and fun to talk about, but consistently making that knee-knocking 4 or 5 footer is where you’ll shave the most shots off your score. Develop a putting routine that you can repeat over and over and start to develop some confidence in your putting stroke that will repay you over and over again.

Bunkers / Sand Trap Video
The Bunker golf instruction video will show you simple techniques for getting out of a bunker effectively and consistently. Don’t worry about hitting the ball into a bunker every again! This DVD will give you the instruction and the confidence to use the bunkers to your advantage like the pros. Pros will intentionally hit into a sand trap for their strategic advantage. Sometimes hitting out of a green side bunker is a safer play than trying to get over it.

Trouble Shots / Scrambling Video
The Trouble Shots DVD is for those of us who don’t always play the middle of the fairway. Get a leg up on all your buddies by learning how to get out of trouble and get your game back on track in a hurry. Just think of how much better your scores would be if you didn’t have trouble getting out of the trees, or hitting from bad lies, or if you could fade or draw the ball to get around trouble. That’s what this DVD is going to teach you.

Swing Plane Video
Staying on plane is the key to consistent contact with the golf ball. And consistent contact is the key to added distance and straight shots. This DVD will give you the tools you need to stay on plane and add distance to every club in your bag.
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