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Turn Golf Swing Speed into More Distance

The key to gain more distance in golf is to increase your golf swing speed right? The faster your golf swing speed is, the faster your club head speed will be right? Well, not so fast. A faster golf swing speed is only as good as the timing in which you apply the increase in swing speed. Increased golf swing speed doesn’t always equal more distance.

There are two components of the golf swing… The first is the shear speed of the golf swing, and that’s simply how fast you swing the golf club. While swinging the golf club quickly is important to achieving more distance in your golf game, this aspect of the golf swing is often misconstrued. There is a difference between golf swing speed and a controlled swing speed.

It’s vital to control the timing of your golf swing, and this is what is referred to as the tempo, the second and most important aspect of golf swing speed. Golf swing speed tempo is how we control the speed and apply the fastest part of the golf swing at the moment of inertia (MOI), the moment of golf ball impact.

Swinging the golf club faster is often counter-productive unless the increased golf swing speed is applied at the appropriate part of the golf swing.

Golf swing speed, when combined with the proper golf release, will equate to increased club head speed at the moment of golf ball impact. This is the entire goal during the golf swing. If you can master this concept and achieve the proper tempo in your golf swing, you’ll add increased distance to your golf shots. Most all of us can benefit from this.Image: Golf Swing Speed Tempo equals increased distance

The appropriate golf swing speed is a controlled backswing until you reach the top. You’ll want to have a slight pause at the top as you load your power to transition to the downswing. The order in which your hips, shoulders, arms and wrists release the golf club during the downswing is the most important part to understand in order to increase your golf swing speed.

Releasing your wrists in the downswing at the appropriate time can increase your golf swing speed all by itself. This is what is meant by the timing and golf swing speed tempo. A fatal error in achieving an increase in golf swing speed is the thought that golfers need to swing the golf club “harder”. Often what happens during this swing thought is that the backswing is faster, and the golf swing timing is thrown off.Image: Golf Swing Speed doesn't always equate to increased distance

If you swing the club back on your backswing faster, you have to make sure that your weight shift has time to properly take place before your downswing begins. If not, you’ll lose all the increase in swing speed by impacting the golf ball and not end up translating your increase in golf swing speed to an increase in club head speed on the downswing before you have time to shift your weight back to the left side. All of your weight won’t be behind the swing; instead you’ll leave a lot of your power in the golf swing “in the bag” as they say.

The timing and tempo of your golf swing is the most important concept when turning your golf swing speed directly into increased club head speed, and subsequently, more distance. To achieve an increase in golf swing speed that directly increases your distance, click here.  

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