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Reverse Pivot Golf Swing

This golf swing flaw is one of the most distance robbing and slice causes in all of golf. This one concept hinders the majority of those who slice the ball. If this is you, listen up and grasp this concept today. This will give your golf game a complete 180, and I mean this in the most literal sense. Please read on.

The weight shift in the golf swing is imperative to get right, and if you slice the ball, I’m betting that this is the main contributing factor to your golf slice. The main idea behind the “reverse pivot” is just what it says; it’s the exact opposite of what the golf swing should look like. We could also call it the “reverse weight shift”, because that is exactly what is happening.

What is the reverse pivot?

I like to make analogies to other sports to help paint the picture. It’s kind of like a fade away shot in basketball, or throwing a baseball off your back foot. Have you ever been watching football when the quarterback throws an interception? Quarterbacks have it drilled into their brains by the coaching staff to “step into” their throws. Often times though, in the heat of game, the quarterback will have pressure from the defensive line that maybe doesn’t allow them to step into a throw and shift their weight properly, but they decide to throw the ball anyway….what generally ends up happening? It gets intercepted by the other team, that’s right. An under thrown ball in football is most often caused by the inability of the quarterback to step into the throw, get his weight shifted to his left side (if he’s right handed) and get the velocity on the ball to fit it into some of the tight spots in the defense.

The quarterback will sometimes improvise during the course of the play and throw off of his back foot without shifting his weight properly, and the result of the throw is less velocity on the ball, it doesn’t go as far and the receiver will end over-running the throw that sets up the defense for the interception in many cases. Just listen to the announcers of the football game when this happens, they’ll put the replay in slow motion and essentially point out everything that went wrong to lead to the interception. Next time this happens, pay attention, because this same illustration can be used in your golf swing. The concept is exactly the same.

Why is this concept so difficult to grasp for many golfers?

I watch on the golf range sometimes to see how golfers struggle with this. They will pound out shot after shot, and stumble into a decent shot once in a while, but all the while failing to shift their weight properly. They will never hit the ball straight with consistency, they will hit the ball as far as they’re capable of, and they will make inconsistent contact with the ball.

There’s one fairly simple test you can do to know if you suffer from the reverse pivot. Hold your pose in your follow through, and ask yourself, where is my weight? If it’s being supported by your back foot, then you’ve got problems. The weight transfer needs to take place in your downswing, and so many people fail to do this. In fact, many do it just the opposite.

The reverse pivot is when a right handed golfer for example, shifts their weight to their left side on the backswing, and then shifts it back to their right side on the downswing and follow through. They will finish the swing off balance and fall backwards even sometimes.

Next time you’re on the tee box, think about trying to shoot a half-court fade away jump shot in basketball. I bet you don’t get it anywhere close to the rim. Now envision stepping into a jump shot from half-court with your momentum going forward. You’ll be able to get more weight and momentum behind the ball and the ball will travel further….they’re simple laws of physics.

Many golfers suffer from poor weight transfer in their golf swings. Some will properly load up on the right side in their backswing, but fail to transfer it fully to the left on the downswing. While this is bad, at least they got the backswing right. Those with a reverse pivot do exactly the opposite on both the backswing and downswing.

Here’s why it happens

When you take the club back in your backswing, there is a tendency for the head to slide forward, and the upper body follows the head. The majority of your upper body weight is in front of the ball at the top of the swing. At this point, the only way to make room for the club to swing down and to make it at all possible to freely swing your arms without stubbing the club into the turf is to sway backwards as you start the downswing. This motion also promotes an outside to inside swing path and a cutting across the ball which is what determines a slice in most cases.

So the result of the reverse pivot golf swing is everything that golfers hate: shorter distance, chunky shots, thin shots and of course that dreaded slice.

So why do we continue to do it?

I talk about on my site how the golf game is counter intuitive in many aspects…and this is one of the major ones. The golf swing does not come natural for human beings. Without practicing on the golf range, many golfers go straight to the first tee and flail away. By the end of 18 holes they’ve hit a few decent shots, and that’s what keeps us coming back, but those shots were more or less stumbled upon by accident.

I would say that probably half the golfers out there need to start over from scratch with their swings. They need to build their foundation, and have drilled into their minds the correct swing concepts.

Golfers have to understand the big picture in the golf swing, and get the core concepts down pat in order to stand a chance in this game, but so many golfers are so far off in this area that it haunts their game, and they’ll never get it right without starting from the beginning and completely building their swing from scratch. Don’t waste any more time and money paying for greens fees to only net a few good shots. Instead, invest a relatively small amount of money to grasp the core concepts in the golf swing to build your golf swing properly. Get the most out of your swing, don’t leave distance and accuracy in the bag.

The reverse pivot is a chilling reminder that there are so many golfers that, while giving it their best effort, have got it all ass backwards. I have compassion for those that struggle with this golf swing flaw, and I want them to enjoy the victory of overcoming this flaw. If you do, you will set your golf swing free and unleash so much extra power in your swing, you won’t believe it yourself. You’ll wonder why you ever struggled this long for without doing something about it.

This is what you need to make this happen:

  1. The desire and dedication to make some changes to your swing
    • The only way you will see any results is if you commit to changing it, and only you can make this choice. Do you really want to see some changes? If you do, see step number 2.
  2. The correct golf concepts taught to you in a video so you can visualize
    • You must be able to have positive reinforcement, and you need to see some results in order to continue trying to get better. The only way you’re going to do this is making sure that you’re practicing the right way. You need to retrain your muscles to your new way of swinging the golf club. Invest a little money today to learn the proper golf swing techniques from a professional. It will pay dividends for years to come and you will find your enjoyment for the game of golf skyrocket.
  3. The will to practice what you’ve learned on the golf range
    • Repetition, repetition, repetition…the only way to groove your new swing is by practicing on the range, and you’ll need to do it over and over again until it begins to feel natural. You simply can’t get that repetition on the golf course when so much time elapses between swings.
Begin your golf swing transformation today  and eliminate the distance robbing, slice causing reverse pivot swing flaw from your golf swing.

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