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Most of us can’t master this game without the aid from some outside help. Even the best players have golf coaches…in fact, that’s why they’re so good. We can’t afford to hire our own personal golf trainer, so we have to resort to golf practice aids that we can use at our leisure. Not only are golf practice aids and training aids more practical for most of us, but they’re also more affordable than paying for personalized golf lessons. Practice doesn’t necessarily mean perfect as the saying goes. Instead, practice makes permanent. If you’re not practicing your golf swing properly, you’ll permanently engrain flaws into your golf swing. Golf practice aids are vital in order to practice the golf swing properly. Otherwise, you’ll burn the wrong swing thoughts and concepts into your muscle memory making it much more difficult to “unlearn” before being able to make progress in the right direction. So remember, practice your golf swing with a purpose. Employ the golf practice aids below that will best suit your current swing flaws. If you don’t know your swing flaws, it is impossible to improve them. The golf practice aids listed below are the most popular and widely used golf training aids on the market. This page has a collection of the best selling golf practice aids to help you improve your golf swing at your own pace.
Most Popular Golf Practice Aids
Golf Practice Aids
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Medicus Golf Clubs Dual Hinged Medicus Golf Practice Aid
Medicus golf clubs empower the user to identify their flaws immediately, with the instant feedback of the Medicus Combo Training Pack’s patented dual hinge technology. A bad swing produces one visible result (a broken hinge) and a good swing produces another (an unbroken hinge). Imagine a player lucky enough to practice only technically perfect swings within the first few months of taking up the game. This lucky player obviously has an incredible advantage over his peers–he is fortunate enough to reinforce only good habits.  
Momentus Iron Momentus golf iron
The Momentus Iron is used by more than 100 players on the PGA TOUR. By eliminating the outdated practice of head-weighting, we’ve developed a club that is uniquely balanced and swings effortlessly. The momentum of the evenly weighted shaft swings the club along the correct swing plane as the added weight ingrains the proper feel. The elusive feel for swinging the club “in the slot” is easily maintained with regular use. Improved consistency, flexibility and clubhead speed can be expected.  
Explanar Golf explanar_golf_practice_aid
The Explanar swing trainer teaches the golf swing by turning your swing thoughts into feelings, in the same way that training wheels on a bicycle offer guidance during the process of learning to ride. It is the complete golf training system based around the fundamental principles of the swing plane and the biomechanics of the body.
Swingyde swingyde_golf_practice_aids
It attaches to the grip of your club and guides your arms into the correct position for the backswing. In fact, it’s almost impossible not to swing correctly with the Swingyde in place. It uses something called “kinesthetic feedback” to help identify swing problems that you can’t actually see for yourself. The Swingyde gives you the “feel” of proper motion so you know you’re doing everything correctly.
Swing Glove swing_glove_golf_practice_aids
For the first time a golf glove can assist all golfers from beginner level to touring pro. Playing with the Dynamics Swing Glove can improve your game’s consistency within 2-3 days of employing the glove while on the practice range or golf course. This unrivaled product merges a high quality leather golf glove with a revolutionary wrist guide that will stabilize any golf swing. The guide which is sewn into the glove is made of an ultra light material. The swing guide is also molded at an angle to keep your wrist at the proper swing angle and swivels to guide your wrist into the proper position through the entire swing. A durable aluminum rivet is used to rotate the swivel mechanism.
Smart Stick smart_stick_golf_practice_aids
The Smart Stick is a technologically advanced golf swing training aid that provides instantaneous visual feedback throughout the entire golf swing. It utilizes two green lasers and an innovative wrist bar that will teach you the proper position of a flat left wrist at the top of your swing, how to hinge your wrist 90 degrees, as well as how to maintain club head lag on the downswing. This is one of the best golf practice aids on the market.
David Leadbetter – SwingSetter david_leadbetter_swing_setter_golf_practice_aids
The David Leadbetter SwingSetter develops your Grip, Swing Plane, Release and Tempo – the four keys to a great golf swing.  A perfect tool for golfers who want to get better but just don’t have the time. As little as six minutes twice a week will give you the feel for a great swing, solid ball striking and will improve your distance, accuracy and consistency. The SwingSetter is one of the most complete golf practice aids ever devised.  The closest thing to a lesson with David Leadbetter.
LeaderBoard leaderboard_golf_practice_aids
The Leaderboard is the secret the world’s very best golfers are using to increase their power and perfect their swings on the PGA Tour. Now you can use the exact equipment that Stuart Appleby, Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Campbell, Mike Weir Robert Allenby and other proven winners on the PGA Tour have used to improve their golf swing and strengthen the muscles they use to hit the ball longer. But you don’t have to be an elite golf professional to improve your game with the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard will give you immediate feedback your very first time using the product and begin improving your game automatically regardless of your level.
Putting Arc putting_arc_golf_practice_aids
The Putting Arc is a revolutionary new training device, which will guide you to a simple, repeatable, and understandable approach to putting. The Putting Arc golf practice aid will assist you in developing a confidence when standing over your putter felt by only a small percentage of golfers, a confidence in your ability to direct the golf ball exactly where you intend.  
The Speed Stik speed_stik_golf_practice_aids
The SPEED STIK is an amazing golf practice aid that will empower you to hit the ball farther by increasing the speed of your swing. FASTER=FARTHER. The faster you swing the club, the farther you will hit the ball.
Swing Tempo swingtempo
The revolutionary new Swing Tempo is a tempo-training device that allows you to measure and retain your optimal tempo. There has never been a golf practice aid that allows you to store your own tempo settings and achieve consistent, repeatable results… that is until now!
Power Angle power_angle_golf_practice_aids
The outside in golf swing is the #1 swing fault in golf. This is were the club moves way inside on the take away, lifted to the top of the back swing and starts out side on the down swing. It guarantees a slice or pulled shot every time. If your swing is plagued with this problem your worries are over. Within 5 minutes The Power Angle Pro golf practice aid will have you swinging on plane and in the Pro Slot eliminating the outside in move.
Inside Approach inside_approach_golf_practice_aids
The Inside Approach golf practice aid was developed to give golfers a clear visual understanding of where the club needs to be swung as it approaches the most critical point of the swing… the impact zone. To hit solid, accurate shots, the clubface must be square or squaring at impact and the club must be approaching the ball from an “inside” path. The Inside Approach’s unparalleled design gives golfers immediate feedback (both positive and negative) on whether they have accomplished this task.
Smart Path smart_path_golf_practice_aids
PGA Touring Pros & PGA Teaching Pros know that the Smart Path swing trainer provides immediate improvement and lasting results. Maximize your distance, correct hooks and slices, eliminate fat and topped shots. The Smart Path will quickly help you achieve optimal ball flight. Golfers of all abilities will be able to find simple and easy ways to create a great golf swing with the Smart Path golf training aid. Only three things directly influence the flight of the golf ball. They are Swing Path, Face Angle, Swing Arc, and the Smart Path is the only golf training aid the trains all three.

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