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For a game that is so frustrating, why is it so popular? There are more golfers picking up this sport than ever before. Are you one of the frustrated? I know I am from time to time depending on the shot I just hit. So why do we like it so much?
  • It’s because of the one shot that we hit so pure you can’t even feel it leave the club face.
  • It’s because of hitting that double breaking putt from 30 feet that just fell into the cup.
  • It’s because of the drive you just hit straight down the fairway.
  • It’s the never ending pursuit of perfection.
  • All it takes is one good shot to keep bringing us back to pursue replicating that feeling.
It’s a shame that we don’t experience this feeling more than we do. How much would we enjoy the game if we did? Most of us are self-taught from the beginning with a little help along the way from various sources as we learn the game. Trouble is, is that the golf swing is such a precise collection of muscle movements at the correct times that it’s nearly impossible to do it correctly on your own. Most of us need help from others because it’s difficult to envision our swings when we’re the ones making the swings. So often we watch the golfers on television, and they make it look so easy. So we take our clubs out to the course all inspired from what we just saw on TV and try to mimic what we saw. Here’s where it gets interesting. Somewhere between what our minds saw on TV, and our interpretation of how our muscles should put that swing into action, we implement the wrong swing movements. But what’s worse, we think that we’re making the right swing, and then wonder why the ball isn’t doing what the ball does for the guys on TV.
Professional golfers each have their own swing coach and have put their golf swings through extensive tests and videos and they know their swing inside and out. The golf swing is not a natural motion and takes work to master. It is very rare for someone to pick up a golf club for the first time and put into action the correct concepts required to make a good golf swing. Our continual pursuit of improving our golf swing and overall golf game is THE driving factor that brings us back to the course time and time again. No matter how good your previous round was, there is always room for improvement. In the great history of the game of golf, no one ever has birdied all 18 holes in a round. That’s the goal for the best players in the game. What also makes this game so special is that there are numerous games within the game. The golf course itself that we play has a standard, called par. Each of us are at different skill levels, and we not only play the course standard, but we play to our own standard. We play this game to improve from one round to the next. Improvement is entirely relative in this game, and the same shot could mean two entirely different things to two different people based on what their standard is set at.

Practice doesn’t make perfect if you’re not practicing the proper way.

Practice will make permanent whatever you’re practicing. So if you’re practicing the wrong things, you’re digging a deeper and deeper hole. This is the #1 reason so many golfers struggle with their swing. They simply don’t know what to be practicing to fix their faults. So instead, they practice what they think they should be doing, thinking that at least they’re practicing. That has to be good right? But all too often, it’s this incorrect practicing that is making the swing faults worse. Because most of us can’t afford to pay our own swing coach and have our own personalized golf trainer, we accept many of our swing flaws and learn to play despite them. That needs to end today. This game is about to become so much more exciting for you. If you can afford playing golf once a week, you can’t afford not to have your own swing coach. What I mean by swing coach is the best selling golf training aids EVER.  The Medicus Golf Club practice aids provides instant swing feedback, and more:
  • Eliminate the guess work in your golf swing
  • Never again wonder what part of your swing is causing your ball off course
  • Increase your club head speed
  • Increase your Distance
  • Decrease your slice….no….Eliminate your slice
  • Eliminate your hook
  • Discover how to make the proper repeating golf swing time and time again
  • Stop pouring money into the game of golf while continuing to repeat the same swing flaws over and over
  • Instantly identify your swing flaw(s)
  • Identify the proper swing plane
  • Develop the proper tempo in your golf swing
  • Properly begin the backswing
  • Transition the downswing properly
  • Release your hands at the correct time
  • Correctly release your wrists and learn the proper timing of the club at impact
  • Learn how to follow through on plane
  • Develop the correct weight shift
The medicus golf clubs are an engineering mastery to help YOU quickly identify your swing flaws and provide results you’ve never experienced before.
“Played last summer after a 20 year break. Slice was terrible and longest drive was around 220. Got the medicus driver two weeks ago, swung it without breaking it out of the box, loosened it up all the way, after about 15 minutes I was swinging it without breaking it. Went to the range, slice is gone and hitting 245 every drive. Thanks medicus.” -J. Sheets
These proven golf practice aids will save you money on wasted rounds of poorly struck golf balls. Most of us can’t afford our own personal human golf trainer. But all of us can’t afford not to have the Medicus golf clubs because of the benefits it will provide for YOUR golf game. And best of all, it will give you the instant feedback letting you know what you SHOULD be practicing. Without even saying a word, the medicus golf club will give you instant feedback as soon as you make a wrong swing move during ANY part of the swing. Takeaway, backswing, transition, downswing and follow through are all monitored. If your tempo is too fast or slow, it will tell you. If your swing plane is incorrect, it will tell you, and will point you to where it should be so you know EXACTLY where your swing flaws are.
“This club has worked so far for me, and i have only had it 3 days. I have been playin golf for only about a year now, and have developed bad habits in my take away and down swing. Had 2 months of horrible golf and decided to try a swing trainer. I practiced around my yard without hitting balls for the following 2 days after recieving the club, starting off with just getting to the toe up position, then moving to the full takeaway, and so forth and so on. After 2 days of practice with the club, I noticed a dramatic difference in my swing plane, and with my overall swing in general. Fixed my slice almost over night, and added 10-15 noticible yards on all my clubs. I highly recomend this club for novice to intermediate players, but if you already have a nice, in tempo, on plane smooth swing, you dont need it. I carried the club in my bag the whole round, and while waiting to tee off or to hit my shot, I would pull it out and swing it a few times just to help keep my swing in place and smooth. I am hoping after a few months of practice with the club about 30 minutes a day, I will begin retraining my muscles to the proper swing. I just wish i had this club a year ago when I first began playing this addicting sport. ”
Emny23 (Johnson City, TN) from
  The #1 best golf swing plane and tempo trainer in the world is the Medicus golf club. No golf training device has sold better than the Medicus golf clubs since their introduction over 15 years ago. With well over 2 million of these sold worldwide, this golf training device has been tried and true and time tested. Endorsed by:
  • Hank Haney
  • Jack Lumpkin
  • Mark O’Meara
  • Bruce Fleischer
  • Adam Scott
  • Davis Love III
If the Medicus golf club training device is good enough for them, how can you justify it not good enough for YOU? Hank Haney is the swing coach for the best golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, and he uses the Medicus golf club trainer as a tool to teach the proper golf swing plane and tempo. How can you afford not to benefit from the guaranteed results that the Medicus golf club will provide you? Owning the Medicus golf club will be like having the likes of Hank Haney and Jack Lumpkin, both legendary golf swing coaches, speaking in your ear every time you put the Medicus golf club trainer in your hands. The instant feedback is amazing, and will liberate your golf swing. Your golfing muscles have been held captive by your mind, and your incorrect perception of your golf swing. Put an end to that right now and learn how the correct golf swing is made. It’s time to retrain your golf swing and teach your muscles exactly what a good golf swing feels like. In just 15 minutes after swinging the Medicus golf club, you’ll be able to understand just what the proper golf swing should feel like, and you’ll begin to immediately implement the swing concepts, and begin hitting consistent shots with the perfect golf swing. If the medicus golf club isn’t enough for you, by purchasing a dual hinge medicus driver, you’ll also receive the following free gifts:
  • PUTT LIKE A PRO, the Medicus Dual-Handle Putter Trainer temporarily attaches to your own personal putter to train and improve your putting stroke with proper back and forth in the proper pendulum motion.
  • Drive Like a Pro Instructional DVD featuring Mark O’Meara and Medicus Inventor Bob Koch. Learn how to improve your swing plane and swing tempo. Develop a consistently effective and repeating swing.
  • Top Tips from Top Pros DVD starring PGA Tour Champions Mark O’Meara and Bruce Fleischer, together with Top Instructors Hank Haney – Coach to Tiger Woods – and Jack Lumpkin – Coach to Davis Love III.
  • Introduction to Stack and Tilt DVD will change the way you think about your game by offering a very simple and effective solution to achieving distance, accuracy and consistency in your golf swing. Best of all it builds on what you learn with the Medicus.
  • The Swing Like a Pro Drills DVD includes the most common faults and practice drills on how to correct them!
  • Ten Minutes to Tremendous Power E-book, filled with lessons and golf specific exercises that will add power to your golf swing!
Click Here to Start Swinging the Medicus Driver to Fix your Golf Swing, and receive all of the above free gifts. This website verbalizes a lot of the proper swing thoughts and concepts, but words can’t explain how it should FEEL during your swing. The genius engineering incorporated into the Medicus dual hinge golf clubs makes feeling the proper golf swing possible. Own YOURS today! Begin your golf transformation immediately! You can’t afford not to. Click Here to learn how the Medicus Golf Club Training Aid will transform your swing into a thing of beauty that will make your golfing foursome scratching their heads and wondering, “how’d you do that?” This is the question you’ve been asking other people for so long, learn the secrets to the proper golf swing today. Medicus Golf Club Training Devices:
  • Medicus 2000 Dual Hinge Driver
  • Men’s Medicus Dual Hinge Driver
  • Women’s Medicus Dual Hinge Driver
  • Junior’s Medicus Dual Hinge Driver
  • Medicus Dual Hinge 7 Iron
  • Medicus Dual Hinge 5 Iron

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