Why Tiger Woods?

Patrick Reed wins WGC Cadillac Championship on the Blue Monster at Doral in Miami, FLPatrick Reed wins the Cadillac Championship at Doral on March 9, 2014 becoming the youngest player to win a World Golf Championship tournament and ESPN writes a headline reading “Patrick Reed: Youngest WGC Winner”. That’s all fine and good except the photo they choose to accompany the headline is of Tiger Woods kneeling down before a putt with his head in his hands after another failed attempt to win a big tournament. Not only did he fail to win the tournament, but he shot a 78.

While I understand ESPN covering Tiger Woods as closely as they do for the ratings and the money it brings them, but give it a rest. I’m tired of seeing the ESPN “The Lead” on the bottom line while I’m watching another sporting event and they feel the need to tell me how Tiger Woods shot a 74 or 76 or worse a 78 in a tournament. How is that a lead story?

Yes, Tiger Woods has 14 majors and won the second most tournaments in PGA history and will be a legend in the game, check that, is a legend already in the game of golf. He has done great things for the game, and no one was a bigger fan of his than I was five years ago. But a lot has happened in the last five years to turn me off. He hasn’t won a major in the last six years, and I doubt he’ll reach Jack Nicholas’ record of 18 before his career is done the way his game is trending.

Father time is catching up to him, and it seems he has more headlines of him pulling out of tournaments due to his body breaking down than there are headlines for his actual golf game. There are so many great golfers in this game now coming up, that the odds are mounting against him. Insert Patrick Reed who has now won three times in fourteen tries on tour. Tiger was playing in the group ahead of Reed and instead of golfers being intimidated by Tiger, he’s just another golfer now. His presence doesn’t have same impact it used to.

So I ask you ESPN, please give the headlines to those who have earned them and deserve the spotlight. Tiger’s best days are behind him. They were great days, and he was an incredible player, but let’s turn the page please. Let’s report on the news and what’s relevant…oh yeah, that doesn’t sell as well. I get it, but I’m so tired of it. I actually turn the channel when I see ESPN feel the need to showcase Tiger’s entire round of 76 and spotlight all his bad shots. They don’t do that for any other golfer, so why Tiger Woods? Oh yeah, because it sells. Tiger is so polarizing now. You either like him or you don’t. Count me on the don’t side of the ledger. But I think my dislike is stemmed more from ESPN and their round the the clock coverage and overdoing everything.

Congratulations Patrick Reed, I hope to watch you and every other golfer on tour (hopefully on NBC, CBS and the Golf Channel), for years to come, get the credit you deserve for winning against the best players in the world. And ESPN, let’s report the news. Tiger Woods losing tournaments isn’t news anymore. It actually happens a lot…and way more often than it used to. So I ask you ESPN…why Tiger Woods?

Author: cureaslice

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